Why I Paint Clouds

I love clouds because they challenge me as a painter. They push me as an artist in so many ways, and help me to appreciate the process along the way. Clouds keep me humble. I'm just one small piece of the puzzle here, and looking up at them reminds me of that. They remind me to appreciate my part, and to help instill that in my children. 

My kids will probably roll their eyes at how many times I tell them to look up at the clouds, but I feel it's such an important thing to do. Looking at them I pause, reflect, and look up from my phone for a minute. This awareness brings me back to the present moment and calms my mind.

Clouds are great teachers in many ways. My intention when painting them is to help the viewer pause, reflect, and convey a sense of calm. And hopefully, to  get them to look up more often.

I think we can all remember days where the clouds were pretty amazing. I would love to see any photos you might have of those amazing skies. Feel free to share them with me via email, Instagram, or Facebook. I could always use more inspiration.

xo Megan